The Grief Industry

The true and actual definition for the Business of Insurance

Welcome to the only consumer website that provides consumers with the hard core truth about the workings of the "Grief Industry", also known as insurance and how the titans of this mammoth industry have managed to take a great consumer's plan and turn it around to victimize millions of consumers year after year.

What is insurance anyhow?

The real definition of Insurance is the spreading over a large number of people, of a possible financial loss that is too great to be conveniently born by an indivudual.


The Insurers created the Claim Game and their rules

The first insurance company in the Colonies was in Virginia and ironically it caught fire and burned to the ground.

In May, 1751 Ben Franklin and some friends in Philadelphia founded in the first mutual insurance company in the USA. Since then, the rules have really changed.  When you became a member of The Friendly Society of Houses Against Fire, you got a tin plate for the front of your house to serve as an approval notice for the fire brigade. 

If you did not have this tin "Policy" the responders would stand by and watch your home burn to the ground.

This act provided true "Terror" in the minds of non-members that quickly forced them into membership.

Proactive "Grief Relief" was for homeowners to pay to play in the Game of the Friendly Society.  Back then is was a very safe and smart bet.

At the end of the term, you would get all of your money back without interest.

Today this is not the way things work at all.  Today all of the Rules have changed and consumers rarely know what they are until they suffer a loss and expect their insurance company to pay for their loss.


Grief Relief in a Box

Every hour of every day of the year, our friends at companies like Progressive and Geico pander to Buyers who are ignorant enough to believe that insurance is too difficult for Buyers to understand and that saving money is all that matters.


The Game for the Sellers is to never allow a Buyer to understand how easy and simple it is to manage the costs of "Protection".


The one way anyone can save money on insurance is to NEVER allow a seller to tell you what you need to know.


The key to a consumers empowerment, education and clout on Claim Day is to be a member of The Consumer's Action Plan.


Insurers take your money in exchange for a paper promise.

Insurance contracts are specifically written is such a way to confuse buyers. The Insurance Game is to keep Buyers in the dark and the Sellers in the sunshine.


The rules of the game are never disclosed by the Sellers until the Buyers suffer some form of Grief related and covered event.


Do you know the rules of the game?


The Insurance sales process is to
solve a problem before it is one & to create a conflict of interest.


1. Create a grief related need in the minds of the buyers.

2. Sellers fill that need with a promise on paper given to the Buyer.
3. Sellers collect money, called premiums in exchange for the promise
4. Should a specific Greif occur, the Buyers are instructed to call the Sellers to find out how to collect for their losses.