The Grief Industry

The true and actual definition for the Business of Insurance

Welcome to the only consumer website that provides consumers with the hard core truth about the workings of the "Grief Industry", also known as insurance and how the titans of this mammoth industry have managed to take a great consumer's plan and turn it around to victimize millions of consumers year after year.


From the time we were little kids, we were taught to believe that one of our best friends is the good old commissioned insurance agent. Always smiling, good natured, a very friendly person. You know - the kind of person who makes you want to believe everything he or she says. It just makes you want to do business with them.


There are almost 6,300 insurance companies on the U.S. who employ over 400,000 commissioned insurance agents, whose job is to get your premium dollar. How can all of them offer the best, or the cheapest? With this amount of companies and commissioned agents, it is clear that the competition is fierce amongst the purveyors of policies.


For any commissioned agent to get your money, they must create one or more illusions in your mind, such as;

  1. * That they care about your financial well-being.
  2. * That they are in business to protect your interest.
  3. * That you are getting the best policy.
  4. * That you are getting the best price.
  5. * That you are insured by the best company.


What it wrong with this picture? Is it real or just an illusion?

How can all 6,300 insurance companies be best???? The truth is that they cannot.


If you are ever involved in a crisis situation, only one outcome will be at stake!


It is how well you are prepared to meet this crisis situation. Unless you invested the time to check the claim-paying habits of the insurance company you have at the time of your loss, you will never know if your friendly commissioned agent is telling you the truth or not.


One thing is clear however.


If you are not adequately educated and prepared to meet your physical and financial recovery in a proactive manner, you are destined to lose your time, money and some of your sanity in the process. Moreover, here are some cold hard facts. Many insurance companies automatically cancel coverage of their claimants.


Their reasoning for this practice is that when you file a claim, their insurance adjusters use every trick in the book to reduce your claim or to deny you coverage altogether. When you learn of these abuses, it educates and prepares you for your next loss and claim. In other words, now you are an educated claimant.


They know that an educated claimant is very dangerous to them so they cancel your coverage.


Insurance companies cannot afford to have educated claimants. They only want customers who pay premiums. People who have never filed a claim and continue to pay premiums are considered the best of clients. The time to learn the difference is now – now when you are in the midst of a claim.