The Grief Industry

The true and actual definition for the Business of Insurance

Welcome to the only consumer website that provides consumers with the hard core truth about the workings of the "Grief Industry", also known as insurance and how the titans of this mammoth industry have managed to take a great consumer's plan and turn it around to victimize millions of consumers year after year.

What is Insurance?


The word “Insurance” is very loose word that has many meanings depending on what side of the fence you are on. The Sellers of insurance products use corporate speak to cloud the facts of Risk financing aka The Claim Game

Insurance is actually one of several tools that define risk management and risk financing.

For almost all consumers, insurance is basically a sound good, feel good word that has been cleverly defined by risk financiers who specialize in the GRIEF INDUSTRY.  In low income areas and the younger population, insurance is clearly defined as the additional price one has to pay before they can get a vehicle registered.

Risk Financiers (Insurance companies) emotionally entice or legally force over 260 million working class consumers who own vehicles and real estate property to become players in the CLAIM GAME, which is so profitable for the sellers that one Risk Financier alone (Geico) spends over one billion dollars annually to entice consumers to switch to its company to “save money”.

Insurance is a convoluted financial recovery method that serves two very different audiences;

A: The risk financiers are about 2,686 Property & Casualty insurers, who are the bet takers or Sellers (also known as) - insurance companies and their commissioned agents (known as producers to the insurers), whose numbers are about 411,500 commissioned insurance sales agents. The insurance industry directly employs about 600,000 people.

B:  Well over 250 Million consumers who buy Security, Protection or Peace of mind,  in the form of a legal contract, that the Risk Financiers have renamed “policy” because it sells better to ignorant consumers.

The true and classic definition of insurance is;

The spreading over a large number of people (entities), of a possible financial loss that is too great to be conveniently borne by an individual or entity.

Said another way is that risk financiers (insurance companies) function much like a Las Vegas casino operates, in that they take bets either via their strategically located commissioned sales commissioned agents or directly online from vehicle and property owners, to pay for a carefully defined fortuitous event like vehicle wrecks, home disasters.

Unlike casinos, where all gamblers are treated the same and there are very specific rules for the house and for the players, the risk financiers (insurers) are very different. Risk Financiers are able to heavily hedge their bets against the consumers in such a way that insurers have a license to change the odds of having to pay off the insured players when a loss occurs and when the “insured” becomes a claimant. 


Whilst the GRIEF INDUSTRY extracts billions of dollars from consumers annually, consumers are losers before they play the game due to the fact that insurance is a blind item sold by commissioned agents, much like a used car salesmen.  There is not one financial reason for a commissioned salesperson to educate a consumer, so that they are on an even playing field and understand the rules of the CLAIM GAME.

The worst of all is that when insureds suffer an accident or a disaster in their homes, the only advice given to them when they laid down their bet (premiums) was to call the sales person to collect their due. This is a huge conflict of interest and it gets worse.

The subject of risk financing or insurance education for consumers is not taught in any high school or college in North America, yet not one consumer can register a vehicle or get a mortgage on a home without being forced to purchase a risk finance plan from one of the 2,686 Property & Casualty risk financiers across North America.